What is specialty coffee?

The waiter delivers your drink. You’re overwhelmingly unsatisfied with the cup it is presented in, but worst of all, it’s not even the correct temperature! To make matters worse, after drinking your coffee, you request the bill and discover that a coffee costs R29 – it’s ridiculous! You can get more coffee at the same […]

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What goes beyond color, relates regardless of culture, speaks to the most corrupted heart, calms the most frantic mind? Music is alive and it represents people in ways that cannot be expressed in body language or speech; it is a second language that unifies and identifies.



From the calming strings that echo a sense of comfort into the cave of our heart, to the upbeat and aggressive beats that send a rush of blood to our brain. We all have a personal preference, but there’s hardly a doubt that music is alive.



I love what is referenced as the collision to Logic’s song Mind of Logic; it speaks volumes to me.

Significant. Powerful. Relatable.

I feel some sort of odd satisfaction when I hear the combination of tunes and melodies forming the chorus of the song, which is supported by the somewhat flaring voices in the background. The flashes of sound and the voices remind me of a vigorously active brain, so much occupying the cloud of thoughts that atmosphere our brain.



I have often found myself in a place where music has quite easily expressed my feelings in a simple melody, or passion demonstrated in the strum of a guitar. Music means something. It’s more than an outlet. It’s an expression. It’s a form of art.

Staying humble.


The irony is that I have little to no musical gifting and I’ve found it’s often the ones who admire it most that lack the skills to make the craft sound beautiful to anyone not tone deaf. We’re the awkward guy that fist pumps when everyone has moved to a three step dance move involving footwork.



You see, music isn’t subjective in speech, it doesn’t judge you for what you’ve been through. It’s supportive. It’s the listening ear that does little listening, but somehow knows exactly how you’re feeling.



Most people have a playlist for each emotion they might be feeling; I don’t know who you are, but Lento by Professor is my instant feel good song. We all have that one song that relates our level of happiness with the time sequence of the song. We break out into a version of dance that only we know the moves to—a dance that none other than the author can understand. It’s almost like when you combine two spices or sauces and nobody on this planet can fathom the mystery that is your combination. It works for you, and you alone.



That’s right, music is personal. I didn’t have much of an objective in writing this article, but I just wanted to express a bit of my passion for music, and allow for you to interact and relate with this in any way or form.




Bold and Rad counsel.




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