The man they call Jacques.

Just a man that needs Jesus.

I love coffee, the study of the science, everything to do with it. The people, the culture and the rich history behind it.

My journey began in a small cafe located in Sandton, South Africa. I had no particular interest in working in a cafe. I just liked the look and feel of the environment and decided to approach the manager and ask for a job. No training, just BAM! Get to work. My first experience behind the steam wand was daunting to say the least, a morning Sandton rush is what I became well acquainted with. Those mornings taught me huge lessons, and developed an interest and desire to learn more, thus resulting in me doing research on the culture, experimenting, learning and studying the science behind coffee.

I am not one to profess I know it all, there is still a huge amount I am to learn, but here we are now, working as a barista and writing a blog whilst trying to get my degree and pursue a dream in Australia. I hope to express my passion for coffee through writing, I hope to create an environment that facilitates engagement, express thoughts on music and Jesus.